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Lore: Bellacina hasn’t been with us long, but we expect to have her around for a fairly sizeable amount of time. It’s my job to learn about all of our trappers at this lodge, but she’s been a tough nut to crack. She started out as any succubus does, sent on various assignments to corrupt mortals and cause general havoc here on our plane. She’s everything you’d expect from a Succubus – flirtatious, spontaneous, fiery, you name it. She was sent on a mission to deal with a particularly righteous mortal in a village just north of here, a fellow by the name of Edwin Holdfast. Edwin wasn’t a clergyman or anything, just an all-around great guy. He donated his excess to the poor, served in his community, protected the downtrodden, all that good stuff. Anyway, she was assigned to cause him some trouble, or, I suppose, to get him to start causing trouble. She was apparently one of their best seductresses, and from what I’ve seen her do to a few of our men, I don’t doubt it. In any case, she began her efforts with Edwin about two years ago, and it proved to be by far her most difficult challenge in corruption. It wasn’t particularly difficult to get Edwin to like her, she was exceptionally adept at that. But he was just too attached to his principles to give way to any of her temptations. After failing to seduce him for some time, she tried a number of different approaches to make him lose his temper and commit dreadful acts. She had affairs with local town members in order to arouse his jealousy, but he frankly (and infuriatingly) forgave her for each. She learned the dark secrets of many a townsperson, and told him of their flaws, but instead of becoming embittered, he approached them and offered to help them overcome their darkest crimes. The man was infuriating to her, but somehow, his staunch resistance to her suggestions, and natural, unbreakable goodness was, dare she say, attractive in some ways. She had never seen a mortal so purely attached to their ideals. Eventually, after a long period of failed attempts in corrupting Edwin, that attraction bloomed into an actual love for the man she was supposed to be corrupting, and she found herself more often at his side because she wanted to be there, not because she was attempting any corruption. She never told him what she was, fearing his judgment, but the two were eventually married, (secretly, at her insistence). After all of this, and without word from Bellacina for some time, her superiors figured out something was up, but they didn’t realize the severity of her crimes until they sent other operatives to find out what was going on. Disgusted and disappointed with her for both her failure, and her willingness to remain bound to this lesser mortal, they sentenced her to spend a few decades in servitude to a mortal organization, so that she could once again truly understand how inferior mortals are. She did get to choose which organization to serve, however, and selected the Trapper’s Lodge, which some may consider odd since there are a number of what would typically be considered “evil” organizations one would expect a Succubus to be more heavily drawn towards. However, between the incident that landed her here in the first place and the choice she made to join us here, I get the feeling she’s not exactly your typical Succubus anymore. She has me putting away her cut of pay and sending it to Edwin. He's been having a rough time getting work because no one knew about the wedding, and the village he lives in isn’t particularly fond of him anymore on account of his having a child out of wedlock. There’s no trace of the mother in the village so when you put two and two together… Well, I expect you get what I’m saying. Stay wary all the same, though. She may like that man, but she’s still a succubus. She’ll flirt with anything that breathes and steal away a lot more than just your heart by the time its over if you let her get too close.

Resin printed in extreme detail for tabletop gaming such as D&D 5e. Use this to paint or bring your tabletop games to life!

This model comes in the colour bluish grey and is unpainted and unprimed.

NOTE: All models are made to order and take a few days to print and dispatch Resin printing requires the use of supports, which can sometimes leave small artifacts. These can be easily removed or sanded away.

Please note that some model come split in parts or split from their base and require some sort of adhesive like super glue to attach to the other parts.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or require a custom size for the miniature.

This model design and the digital render is by the creator at The Dragon Trapper's Lodge and part of the The Harvest Moon Festival, October 2021 Release, who can be found at

(I have the merchant license to sell these models)